Swapping Tiles Puzzle

This Java application, puzzle.jar, is a simple driver that makes a Swapping Tiles Puzzle of any image collection. You run it on the command line:
% java -jar puzzle.jar image-1 image-2 ...

The program makes puzzles out of your images, beginning with 3x3 grids, and then increasing the grid size each time all images have been used. The screenshot series below illustrates a 4x4 puzzle, and the move of a piece, which is done using drag-and-drop.

screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot

To move a piece, you place the mouse pointer over it, then press and hold the left mouse button and move the mouse pointer to where you want to place the piece, and then let go of the left button. During this gesture, the piece gets attached to the mouse pointer, and is dragged to the new place, where it is fitted in when you release the mouse button. At the same time, the old piece at the new place is warped to where the moved piece was.

You may set initial grid as well as display size on the command line by defining the properties grid or size. The following is an example of starting the puzzle with grid size 6, and a display of 700 pixels:

% java -Dgrid=6 -Dsize=700 -jar puzzle.jar image-1 image-2 ...

Tiles with borders are misplaced while tiles placed correctly are drawn without border. There is a short squeak sound when a tile is moved, and there is an applause when a puzzle is solved.

The button at the bottom lets you move on to the next puzzle. The button is called SKIP until the puzzle is solved, when it changes to be called NEXT.