Copyright 2013, Ralph Rönnquist.


Goal Oriented Teams (GORITE) is a Java framework for implementing Team Oriented designs. By the Team Oriented view of software systems, a running application consists of teams of performers, whose orchestrated operations bring about the application behaviour.

The Team Oriented paradigm is the very latest in software development paradigms, taking systems design to a new level. As design concept it extends Agent programming by including explicit modelling of the organisation of agents that comprise an application, whilst allowing for openness in actual composition.

The Team Oriented design approach is a lot more than a multi-agent approach, as it allows processes and data be attributed directly to teams. It implements an idealised abstraction where teams can operate separately from their members and regardless of having members. In principle however, a team's operation represents the agreed coordination of team member operations, and this only has a meaning with team members to coordinate.

The essence in GORITE Team Programming is to provide software solutions based on delegated autonomy at the architectural level.